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Oh Hai Noogrounds

2015-12-03 01:13:49 by sshafty1

Yo, it's been six years so I thought I'd briefly update you.

Uhh, I was on TV a bit and movies a little and do voiceover a lot and make music comedy sometimes and have a weekly comedy podcast.

You know what? If you want details, head on over to my website -




Scout me, baby!

2009-09-13 19:08:19 by sshafty1

Hi again, Newgrounds. It's that audio dude, Sam Haft!

I'm just making a post saying that if you need any badass voice acting (I've been in a few frontpaged submissions, and happen to be a professional the the field of VA), or excellent soundtrack music, hit me up with a message.

Here's what I'd love to do for you:

Voice Acting - I'm a professional, I doubt I have any two voices exactly alike on the portal, I can do whatever you want.

Soundtrack Music - Feel free to use the music I've already made or commission me to do background music for a flash animation. Unless you can prove to me your submission won't be a piece of crap, I will charge a nominal fee - but proving you have skill shouldn't be hard if you actually have skill.

Theme Songs - Making a series? I'd be happy to write, compose, produce, and sing your themesong. My singing voice is a variable as my voice acting.

Thanks, Newgrounds community, I look forward to hearing back.

-Sam Haft

Joining the Tomorrow's Nobody crew!!

2009-08-05 18:05:47 by sshafty1

Hi there, NG!

I'm Tomorrow's newest Nobody, Sam Haft.

I'm going to be doing a lot of voice acting, a little bit of music, and a lot of writing.

I've even got a TN team here in NYC which I'm directing in live sketches.

That's right. TN team in NYC. It's gonna be like Fight Club, groups of TN members are gonna start popping up all over the country.

Except we won't blow things up, we'll just make jokes.


c==3 lololol

Plotting world domination through cock jokes,


Hey, I was feeling random, so I added a new track to my roster of already badass material.

It's called Five Minutes to Midnight, and it's very eeeeevil. /252842




TIGER WOODS - Fate is sealed.

2009-07-04 06:34:47 by sshafty1

You had your chance.

It is too late now.

His fate has been sealed on the audioportal. /252279


MC Haft

TIGER WOODS - Fate is sealed.

TIGER WOODS - Big gay?

2009-07-04 03:47:18 by sshafty1

So folks, Tiger Woods' fate is in your hands. You have one hour to decide if he's gay.

That's important.

TIGER WOODS - Big gay?

Platinum Songs and Power of Three!!

2009-05-26 02:18:04 by sshafty1

First of all, I've achieved my second 'platinum' song (3000+ listens) - Blood and Iron Suite.

Also it has more than 40 people who call it among their 'favorite' audio. Nice.

Now, onto Power of Three:

I am now on two teams, that of N1 (of the Shift game series) and that of Gene, creator of the Hyperboy series, currently frontpaged at the time of this post.

I have decided on doing a MAXIMUM of four teams (maybe five if I'm really into your idea).

So, if you think you've got skills that are at least comparable to those guys, hit me up for some music of the highest quality.

Plus, because I'm a voice actor, that's free combat vocals.

I'm interested in working on a hack'n'slash/brawler/fighting type game, for the record.

Love and kisses,


Platinum Songs and Power of Three!!

My Audio is Numba One!

2009-05-10 17:51:48 by sshafty1

So it's time for an NG update!

My piece "Blood and Iron Suite" is #1 in the Classical music genre, you'll love it.

I've started submitting karaoke tracks for fun.

I think I might take up a hobby, like serial homicide.


Anyway, I love you, Newgrouds, I'll catch you later, you sweet and sexy muffin, you.



PS: Slumdog Millionaire, O RLY?

My Audio is Numba One!


2009-04-01 02:18:28 by sshafty1

I call upon ye N.G. Citizens to TAKE BACK WHAT IS YOURS!


We didn't land on the internet, THE INTERNET LANDED ON US!

Now pick up a giant flaming e-peen and STRIKE AT THOSE WHO DARE HOLD YOU DOWN!



-Comerade Sam

I've got some stuff in the works.

Some stuff involving some people who do stuff to make said stuff be stuff of higher quality that maybe would involve certain other people to take some notice to this quality stuff and do things in response the the stimulus of this quality stuff.

But enough about my meth lab, I'm working on some voice work which is going to hopefully bop some animations to front page.

This shiz will be of the highest caliber.

There will be laughs. There will be tears. There might be unintended pregnancies.